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Review: Grimnirs by Ednah Walters

Title: Grimnirs
Series: Runes book 2.5 
Author: Ednah Walters
Genre: Fiction/ Fantasy, YA, mythology, romance
Source: ARC Kindle
Pages: 348 pages
Rating: 4 stars

Available at:

Blurb: (via goodreads)
Straight out of the psych ward, Cora just wants her life to be normal. She doesn’t want to see souls or the reapers collecting them. The guy she’s loved from a distance for years moves away without saying goodbye. So yes, she’s nursing a serious heartbreak. It’s no wonder love is the last thing on her mind when Echo storms into her life.

The chemistry between them is mind-blowing.The connection defies logic. Even better, the souls leave her alone when he is around.

Too bad Echo is the poster boy for everything she hates in a guy—hot, beautiful,and cocky. He is also a soul reaper. A Grimnir.

The very beings she wants out of her life. Maybe normal is overrated because Cora wants it all. Answers. Love. A life

My Review:
You should all start off by knowing while this is kind of a novella, it is both full length and continues from where we left off in Immortals (which you can read HERE). If you are following the series, don't let the .5 next to the book number deter you. You want to read this, and you will need to read this to understand what is going to be happening in book 3 Seeress set to come out sometime this April.

Now onto the actual review. This story was completely in Cora's POV, and, unfortunately, extremely predictable. I think that was it's biggest draw back. It followed mud of the same pattern found in Runes and I found self getting a little bored. And poor Eirik... for a deity (god?) he sure does get the shortest straw over and over... doesn't he? My only other complaint is that the relationship between Echo and Cora seemed a bit unrealistic. Echo is kind of an ass... all the time, but Cora doesn't see much fault in him. Not even Raine saw much fault in him. The only time Cora was ever mad at him is when Echo plays the moral high ground and doesn't give her the attention she wants. I would have liked to see an instance where Cora had a series moral conflict about her relationship with him like we saw in Runes. 

Of course, the story wasn't all bad. It was far from bad because it did have a lot going for it. For example, we do get to find out a lot of whats going on in Cora's mind set and how she feels about things that are going on in the other world around them. We get to learn a bit about what happened while she was in PMI (like why she was there) and the after effect Maliina had on her. As an added bonus, we get to see Raine and Torin's relationship dynamic from another point of view, which I found very intriguing. The story does branch a little into the New Adult spectrum, because there is a little bit of mature content in there, but it is brief and is vague on major details, so it kind of hits a blurred line of where YA stops and NA begins. Saying that, seeing that type of dynamic and writing style in this series only benefitted the story and is probably the main reason the book received a 4 star rating rather than a 3.5 star one. 

Overall, Grimnirs is an obvious must-read for the Runes series lovers out there. It was well written, but the plot did suffer in its predictability. It was great to see the character development in this book that we might not have seen if it had remained in Raine's POV. From what I hear, Ednah Walters is going to continue with this new trend and post novellas (which will actually be full length books) in different POVs of the other secondary characters in the book following the release of a book in Raine's. I am both excited and wary of this. Excited to learn everybody's story, wary because I have a feeling that the same love story pattern might be put on repeat. Only time will tell!

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