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GUEST REVIEW: Cursed by Tara Brown

ISBN: 0991841107
Pages: 287
Rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Sometimes the scariest things in life aren’t the Vampires and the Werewolves. Since the dawn of time there have been things God doesn’t want to know about. Which is why he created the Devil's Roses.
There is a place between worlds where our souls take a moment, before they go to Heaven. It is a quiet place where everything feels as if it has paused. 
It is here that Aimee James first meets him. 
He is standing over her dead body. 
He is more beautiful than anything she has ever seen. 
Waking in the hospital after the first attempt is made on her life, Aimee discovers the missing pieces of her memory may have something to do with the one thing she does remember. A man. 
Not just any man, but a beautiful man who has enchanted her from her dreams. No one else saw him or recalls him, but Aimee isn't convinced that he doesn't exist. 
From the moment she wakes, she is thrust upon a journey that will contradict everything she holds true in the world and reveal secrets about her mother's untimely death. 
In the end Aimee must choose between life and love, as death is forced upon her once again.

Hi everyone! This is my first time doing a guest review and I'm so happy I was given the opportunity by Vanessa to do one so THANK YOU!! Anyway, without further ado, let's get into the review!

The first chapter is a flash forward, if that's what you call it. It starts off with Aimee already who she is and you see her come into contact with the man she loves. The meeting sets the overall depressing mood to the story, but do not get discouraged by that. The second chapter brings you "back in time" so to speak and the rest of the story brings you through Aimee's journey. 

To be completely honest, I have very conflicting feelings about Aimee. I like her, but at the same time, she bothers me. I sympathized with her in the beginning as she deals with her popular/annoying sister and mourns over the death of her mother. As the book continued, I felt myself getting more and more annoyed. She starts off as a character who struggles against the gale of life and instead of developing into a stronger character, she becomes ripped between two guys. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a love triangle, but when that love triangle tears down a character instead of building them up it bugs me big time. Towards the end, I began to feel bad for her...again. She's been pushed around, drugged, disorientated, and is now dying. She's been through a lot through the course of the story and while some parts of the story hit her character hard, in the end, she does overcome those trials.

The guys are also in the gray area in my point of view. I love Shane because he's super sweet and loving even though at the end his distrust bugged me. At the same time, I love Aleks because he's your typical macho-man who comes in and makes the world better, BUT (there's always a but) he did hurt Aimee throughout the story. So it's really hard to say who I ship Aimee with...struggles.

One more guy to mention and his name is Blake. He's your typical nerd of the story and Aimee's best friend + rock. I liked him, I seriously did. He was the guy that even with his flaws, you like him. At the end, man I hate his guts. (Spoiler starts) Instead of being supportive and helping Aimee after she "changes" he completely condemns her and rips her apart. He calls her crazy and insists that she gets sent to a mental institution. (Spoiler ends) What type of friend is that! Dude, I forgave you when you betrayed Aimee for Alise (Aimee's twin), but this, this kills.

Overall, I did enjoy the story. It was addicting and fun to read. I laughed, cried, and felt a bunch of other emotions. Though I have to say, be careful and don't let your emotions take control. ;)

Alright, that's my review! Thanks so much for reading and if you liked this please check out my blog:

Foreverly Obsessed,
Rivalie :)

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