Monday, 13 January 2014

Peter Brett

I love Peter Brett. If you don't know who he is, he is the author of The Warded Man, a book I HIGHLY recommend. If you follow me on Twitter, then you have already seen this, but for those who haven't, here is how the story goes:

I was on Goodreads looking at recent books I have read and seeing what other readers have rated them and reviewed. When I get the the Goodreads page for The Warded Man (which you can read for yourself HERE) I scrolled down to see this:

Now, if this doesn't show you how amazing this man is, then obviously something is wrong with you. He worked so amazingly hard on this series and he, along with his followers, are so proud of what he has accomplished. The Warded Man is easily one of my Favourite books of all time and has been the second I immersed myself into the book. I did review the book, which you can read HERE, but if my word isn't enough for you, the book is just as entertaining as the author that wrote it... and as seen above, he is pretty damned entertaining!!

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