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No Love for the Wicked by Megan Powell

Title: No Love for the Wicked
Author: Megan Powell
Series: Magnolia Kelch #2
Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Magic, Adventure
Source: Kindle
Pages: 268
Rating: 3.5 stars

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Blurb: (via Goodreads)
It’s taken six months, but supernaturally gifted Magnolia Kelch finally seems to have her surging powers under control. Then she arrives home to find a group of strangers in her beloved farmhouse, and that control is immediately put to the test. Magnolia quickly learns that her “guests” are actually part of the Network—not from the task force headed by her mentor, Thirteen, but a second group, led by British agent Colin St. Pierre.

Unfortunately, Theo, a Network agent who shares an intimate connection with Magnolia, doesn’t trust Colin as a new commander. When team missions collide, Magnolia finds herself in the middle of Network infighting, asking herself who among those closest to her truly has her best interests at heart.

But an even greater threat lies on the horizon. Intent on tracking down the source of Magnolia’s powers, a familiar enemy resurfaces with a plan—one that is far more sinister than the Network has ever seen.

My Review:
You know how in a lot of series, so much great stuff happens in the first book that the second is a little bit of a disappointment? Well, that definitely was NOT the case For No Love for the Wicked! I think Megan Powell was smart in this one, she was focused on laying the foundation in the first so that she could expand the story more in the second... or I hope thats what she had in mind because thats what I got out of it!

If you haven't read the first book in the series, No Peace for the Damned I did a review on it back in November (which you can read HERE). It WAS another super cliched book. THe main character is basically invincible and gains new powers by the second. So, it was a little unrealistic, but if you can accept the unrealistic factors, it was actually a pretty decent book. The second definitely past my expectations.

Plot wise, the sequel of this series was definitely an upgrade. More players joined the team (well, kind of) and a lot of what seemed really cliche in the first book (*cough* magical golden connection to the love interest) was explained a little further and gained more depth. You also see why Magnolia is gaining more and more powers. There was a pretty surprising twist at the end, one I definitely didn't see coming, that I had mixed feelings about. Plot wise, it was a good play, but the execution needed a little work. It kind of contradicted what you know of Magnolia's powers. However, the identity of Magnolia's dream man (and I mean this in no romanticized way people) and what Megan Powell does with that information will definitely be something to look forward to in her next book.

Character development took an upgrade as well, especially in the case of Magnolia. Before she was this victim trying to do good and help bring down her family; now she was so much less of a victim and more of the empowered bad ass she so badly needed to embrace. Other characters we saw from the last book also got more depth and we get to see into their minds a little bit which was a definite bonus. I mentioned before that new characters were introduced... the sad thing was that they almost seemed unnecessary. The information we got from them probably could have been obtained easily through different means and the author didn't really give them any REAL importance in this book. I am hoping that she rectifies this in the next.

Overall, I was pleased with this instalment of the series. For the last book I gave one star in originality but 3 stars overall. Since I feel that it should be consistent with the book, my rating is a it of an upgrade as well. I will give it 3 stars for originality but a 3.5 for the overall rating of the book. I look forward to the next book of the Damed series!

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