Friday, 23 August 2013

Blog Updates!

    Hey guys!
    As you can see, there are some major updates on my blog. I changed the template, cleaned up some pointless posts, and I changed my web address from to . Sorry for any confusion this may cause, it just seemed to fit the purpose of my blog better. I am also looking into buying a domain name so you can come directly to my blog without bouncing to other sites!
    Some other updates include a new Twitter account dedicated to this blog! I am super excited about this people! Please feel free to FOLLOW ME and support me as I try an expand my blog: I also have tumblr, which you can view HERE. I don't always go on tumblr but I am trying to rectify that.
    As you can imagine, updating my blog and creating a twitter account and all that jazz has taken up most of my afternoon, so I won't be doing a review today. Look forward to my review tomorrow (I haven't decided which book is going to be reviewed yet), and maybe some more updates this weekend!

Book Butterfly

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