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(Mis)fortune By Melissa Haag

Author: Melissa Haag
Series: Judgement of Six #2
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Werewolves, Fantasy
Source: ARC
Pages: 315
Rating: 5 stars

Available at:

Blurb: (via Goodreads)

Michelle, another young woman with an unexplainable gift, finds herself surrounded by the previously undiscovered werewolf society. Kept prisoner for the predictions that torment her, she meekly follows orders waiting for her opportunity to run. When her stepfather dies, she takes a chance and escapes. 

After witnessing Blake, her captor, grow canines, she knows he will do anything to find her. She needs a place to hide and someone to listen to her predictions so her head doesn’t explode, but knows there’s nowhere she can hide forever, and no one who can protect her… unless she can find someone just like him.

Part of the fur wearing faction wants to use her, another part strives to keep her safe. The second book of the Judgement of the Six series will raise more questions about the purpose of these gifted few and Michelle will need to fight for answers. Will what she discovers be enough to help her keep those she loves safe from an emerging evil?

My Review:
Melissa Haag contacted me giving me the joyful news that her second book in the Judgement of Six series was available and, in exchange for a free copy of her book, she would like it if I would give an honest review of her book. I replied to her with a calm email saying that it would be my pleasure. I hope that email didn't show how absolutely EXCITED I was to do just that: read her book that I had been waiting for, and post about it! You can read me review of the first book, Hope(less), HERE.

So, lets get started. Let me start off this review by warning all of those Hope(less) fans out there that (Mis)fortune does not follow the same plot line. I was aware of this ahead of schedule so I wasn't too disappointed although I do like it a bit better when we get to follow the same people throughout a series. No, this story takes place following the life of Michelle, who has the unique gift of getting premonitions about the stock market, and for most of her life she only has premonitions about the stock market. This is what has drawn me into the Judgement of Six series so much, Melissa Haag creates these interesting characters that posses unique abilities that you probably haven't even thought of before. Her creativity may be my favourite part about her writing.

Anyways, back on track. (Mis)fortune takes place mostly before Hope(less) and ends about midway through the Hope(less) story line. As a whole, the story only had two problems in my eyes. 1) I felt that a lot of detail was unnecessary. I found myself skipping some description paragraphs (often to do with breakfast... there was a lot of breakfasts in this story) to try and get to the point. It slowed the plot down a little bit, but the plot itself was so addicting, I didn't mind it too much. It creative suspense... in a frustrating kind of way. 2) I found it extremely weird that she wasn't carded... anywhere. I get that she looks older than 19, but she goes to pubs and gets wasted and no one looks twice, or even once, at any ID. I don't think that would actually happen. Actually, legal age is 21 in the states, right? Well, my comment still applies regardless of the legal drinking age. 

Now lets talk about the good parts! In (Mis)fortune we finally get to see more depth into the bigger picture of these novels. With Hope(less), it was more of a love story with a bit of a cliff hanger as to whats really going on in the supernatural world. In (Mis)fortune, you get to learn and understand so much more, and you finally get a grasp on what is going on long term plot wise. This was awesome. If we got this much from book two, I can't wait until book 3. I also loved how (Mis)fortune focused more on Michelle's ability. I found that was a major lacking in Hope(less) and I am glad that Melissa added more of the supernatural into her second instalment. It really added to the story. Lastly, I like how we got a sneak peek into all of the other girls lives. We have a glimpse of what there abilities are and how they are living, and even though it is only a small glance, it really sets up the future novels. I can't wait!

Overall, I give this book high praises. The bad DEFINITELY didn't outweigh the good in any aspect and the bad things were really nit picky preference things for me as a reader. Melissa is an amazing writer that manages to captivate her audience and write the most unique stories. Beautiful. Simple Beautiful. A wonderful 5 stars for Melissa Haag!

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