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Embers and Echoes by Karsten Knight

Title: Embers and Echoes
Author: Karsten Knight
Series: Wildefire #2
Genre: Young Adult, Mythology, Romance, Adventure
Source: Kindle
Pages: 480 pages
Rating: 5 stars

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Blurb: (via Goodreads)
Ashline Wilde may have needed school to learn that she is actually a reincarnated goddess, but she’s ready to move beyond books. She leaves her California boarding school behind and makes for Miami, where she meets a new group of deities and desperately seeks her sister Rose, the goddess of war. But she’s also looking for love—because even though her romance with Cole had to be snuffed, Ash is a volcano goddess—and she doesn’t get burned.

This sequel to the edgy and action-packed Wildefire continues a fiery drama on an immortal scale.

My Review:
This is going to be a very brief review because 1) I don't want to spoil the book. 2) There is way too much to put in the review to list it all out here. So, let me start off by saying that this was a beautiful sequel to continue a beautiful first novel in the series. You can read my review of the first book, Wildefire, HERE.

The sequel continued exactly where the first book left off. We learn a crucial part of the 'prophecy' ( if you can call the scroll that Jack gave the gods a prophecy) and a character gets seriously heart broken. On the up side, we get to meet two really great new characters (who are also Gods) and see the unraveling of a potential new relationship... one I was sitting at the edge of my seat to read any piece of information the author gave me. We only briefly get to meet our old characters from the first book, Wildefire and we get to know a little bit more about Ash's little sister, Rose. Lastly, we get a new set of villians with this book, and I DO say villians because, afterall, true villains from myths and fairytales always have super powers. You guessed it guys, they are gods as well! Well, all except for one ;)

If this hasn't convinced you to read the sequel to Wildefire then let me give you my assurances. This book was just as good as the first, if not better. We get to experience Ash using and mastering her powers and see a whole new range of different relationships emerge, be they friendship, hatred, to romance. We get to learn so much more depth within Ash, and thanks to a CERTAIN character, we get to learn alot more about Ash's past lives. This was a magnificent book and I praise Karsten Knight once more on a job very well done. 10/10  for sure. I can't wait to read Afterglow the third and final book to the Wildefire trilogy coming this November.. I'll Keep Y'all tuned!

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