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Avow by Chelsea Fine

Title: Avow
Author: Chelsea Fine
SeriesArchers of Avalon #3
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Love Triangle, Magic
Source: Kindle
Pages: 407 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars

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Blurb: (via Goodreads)
Scarlet remembers. Everything. Her past lives, Tristan, Gabriel, Nate: she remembers it all--including how to get to the Fountain of Youth. But time is running out. 

Heather and Gabriel have been kidnapped by Raven, while the curse that has plagued Scarlet and Tristan for centuries has shifted, putting the star-crossed lovers in more danger than ever before. Water from the Fountain of Youth is the only thing that can save Scarlet and her loved ones. But the water comes at a price.

With lives--and hearts--at stake, Scarlet leads her friends on a dangerous journey to the Fountain of Youth. Where eternal life is possible, but death is certain.

My Review:
Let me start off by saying that this series is probably one of my favourite series ever. Chelsea Fine is an AMAZING author that did so much with this series and I am SO happy that I found it and had the opportunity to read it. That being said, lets get to the review.

As seen in the title, Avow is the third and final book in the Archers of Avalon series. I loved almost everything about the book. The characters are always fun and interesting. They were extremely well developed (even if a little cliche in their own rights) and each character had a distinct personality, flaws and background so you loved each and every one of them for who they were. The author made the book (as well as the series) flow effortlessly and didn't make things complicated by going into too much detail all the time and trusts that her audience will have the presents of mind and intelligence to understand where she is going with the story.

This book is only semi-supernatural in my opinion. For those who don't know it deals with the line between mortality and immortality and characters who are scattered across that line. The infamous Fountain of Youth, of course, is the cause of all this mess. There was a bit of magic in it (as the main antagonist is a witch from the early 1500s where magic was real and feared by the people in that time) but I found that its only real purpose in the story was to have reason for the curse that plagues Scarlet, Tristan and Gabriel. Saying that, I found, with exception of the curse and a bit of necromancy, magic doesn't really play a huge role in the story line.

The only thing I found extremely annoying about this book was the flashback. In the middle of the story line, the author decides to go into detail about each and everyone of Scarlets lives and a bit in between her deaths. At first, I was extremely frustrated because I didn't see how it was furthering the plot line at all, but in the telling of Scarlet's last life it started to make sense. And the telling of all the lives before hand made everything a lot more clear, so, I suppose it was necessary. Saying that, these flashbacks took up literally half the book and was thrown in at such a random section of the story, so that could have used better placement.

Overall, I would give the book a 4.5 stars. It was such a great series and really, I don't have many negative things to say about it other than some minor choices the author took here and there, and those are strictly a preference thing for me.  I highly suggest this book to everyone, and the tidbit of an epilogue was extremely amusing in my opinion.

Here are the descriptions of the entire series:

Two years ago, Scarlet awoke in the forest alone, afraid, and unable to remember anything. Lost and confused, her life was a mystery...until she met a boy with a familiar voice. 

Gabriel Archer has a voice from her past, and Scarlet's determined to remember why. She immerses herself in his life only to discover he has a brother he's kept hidden from her: Tristan Archer. 

Upon meeting Tristan, Scarlet's world becomes even more muddled. While she's instinctively drawn to Gabriel, she's impossibly drawn to Tristan--and confused out of her mind. As she tries to piece together her history Scarlet realizes her past...might just be the death of her.
385 pages

Sometimes love is meant to be. But is the death of you....

Seventeen-year-old Scarlet has just died. Only, dying isn't unusual for a girl under a centuries old curse that left her semi-immortal. 

This time, though, she comes back to her current life instead of awaking in a new one, and she realizes the curse is changing. Together with the immortal Archer brothers, Scarlet must piece together her life and try to break the curse before her impending death comes again.
495 pages

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