Wednesday, 14 November 2012


     Hey guys! So just a quick update on whats been happening and whats going to be happening...

     If you don't know, I am a college student studying to get my BA in English and eventually become a publisher (hopefully). The reason i am telling you this now is because school= tests and tests=studying and studying= no life what-so-ever. And thus, has been my life (or lack-thereof) for the past week and a bit. I have been reading between classes, during study breaks and late at night curled into my bed with my cat, so I have lots of material to review, I just haven't gotten around to it as of yet. I am thinking about starting a weekly youtube/video segment as well, is that something people would be interested in?

     Anyways, now that my midterms are all complete and with only two weeks of the semester left before finals, I will have loads of time to read and catch up on my reviews! I am currently on Amazon desperately trying to find a new book that interests me. This is a common theme in my life. I just might have to give a book that doesn't sound awesome a chance... it's worked out well enough in the past. Anyone have any book suggestions? Y'all know what I like ;)

     Alright then, back to the search! I will start reviewing again tomorrow! See you then!


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