Friday, 5 October 2012

What to Expect:

Hey Booklovers!
I just wanted to start this blog telling everyone what to expect in terms of what I'll post and a little about myself.

About me:
     I am a 18 year old student attending college in Vancouver, BC majoring in English and aspiring to become an editor/publisher of fantasy/fiction novels. I live at home while I am going to school and spend all of my free time reading, or finding new TV shows that peak my interest. Needless to say, I enjoy getting out of my own mind and diving into a story, whether it is in a book, on screen, or in a theater. I am a huge theater junky and plan to spend as many vacations as I can in New York with my best friend watching every show that ever comes on (or off) Broadway.

My books:
     I am a huge reader (duh, you'd have to be to start a book blog) and my nose is constantly in a book, so to speak. Now a days I mostly get my books via amazon because at the amount I read the price of books matter. That is not to say that I don't love a good paperback every so often, but some of the books I buy are only available via Amazon for my Kindle reader.
      As for the genre I typically read? I am mostly a Fantasy novel kind of girl. My favorite books have to do with shifters, of all sorts, or assassins. I do also love my mythology and medieval tales as well... I am not very fond of vampire, angel, or faerie books, although I have read and still read a few due to the dedication of amazing authors with a fantastic flare for writing. Because of my interest in fantasy novels, sometimes my book choices go into more of the 'romance' kind of genre and some intimate scenes occur. If that is the case for any novels I review, I will post a warning at the beginning of the review so there are no surprises if you choose to read the book yourself.
     Of course, even though I mostly enjoy Fantasy, it doesn't mean I don't like to branch out. I am open to all sorts of books as long as they sound interesting. However, 99% of the books I read, and will review, will be found in the fiction section of your local bookstore.
    If you ever have any questions or would like me to review a book before you buy it (or after and you think I'd enjoy it) i answer all my emails at

NOTE: if you DON'T have a kindle and have completely fallen in love with a book I have posted about, there is no need to sweat. Kindle apps are available for your desktop, tablet and smart phone. I personally have a Kindle app on all three as well as my actual Kindle.

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